Sunday, 12 February 2017

#Project 52 Week 6

I spent some time this week with H teaching her different letters - we used one of those magnet board things and I dotted out the shapes for her to draw around and she loved it - she was very disappointed when we ran out of letters so we had to do it again from the beginning :)

#PostPost Week 6

Well not much post here this week :( but I have had a bit of a step back from applying for reviews, freebie hunting and comping because work has been busy and I have been super tired - I'm not good in the winter I tend to hibernate! I also forgot to photograph a few items too :(


1. A Honor 6x mobile phone worth £240!! I won this from their twitter and although I am super pleased to win I am a bit irked see I really needed a new phone and entered a ton of comps to win one and didnt so I then paid for an upgraded contract to get a S7 and 2 weeks later I get announced as a winner of this phone!! So annoying - as my phone is on contract I cant downgrade it so I have regretfully swapped this with a friend who needed a phone and had some amazon vouchers to swap

2. Some little Spa Find freebies - these are lovely I really like the face cream

3. Kitty ear head band to review from vipon

4. A Grossery Gang - win but no picture and I have posted it to a friend for her little boy

5. Roller sticker pen - review from vipon its pretty cool and I am using it to decorate my postcard entries 

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Savvy Circle Project - Head & Shoulders 3 Action Formula

I'm super please to be taking part in another Savvy Circle Project - these are always super fun to do with lots of freebies and coupons to share with family and friends too!

This project is to try out Head and Shoulders 3Action Formula Shampoo.

We were supposed to get out packs out before Christmas but there was a little delay and they came out the last week of January.

I got my pack delivered to my work place because I didnt want to have to go to the PO depot to collect as they normally send out project packs via recorded / signed for delivery. Typically it arrived last Friday when I was off work and in Benidorm lol luckily work signed for it for me and kept it safe until I was back from my little break and able to grab it.

As  always the pack is really well thought of and well put together - everything packed into a lovely little bag :)

So what's in the pack?

1 full size product for me whoop whoop :)

6 small size unbranded bottles to give out to family / friends for them to try out - they are unbranded so they can be surprised when they find out its Head and Shoulders :)

35 single use sachets of the product to give out

10 50p off coupons

Ask you friend sheets

Project Guide

Now in my photo above there are only 5 of the unbranded bottles - thats because I gave out a bottle to my colleague at work when I opened the pack - she's my first tester :)

I didn't get my pack home until Thursday - which happened to be the day I got my new tattoo so I havent washed my hair until today (Saturday) because I didnt want to get the new tattoo wet.

First impressions of the shampoo?

It doesnt smell like Head and Shoulders! My sister who is also giving the unbranded bottle a try thought it was Herbal Essences or Pantene based on the smell of it. I have to admit I do like the smell - its fresh ad clean smelling and not overly fruity.

The shampoo itself is a pearly liquid a little bit runnier than my usual shampoo.

Now there are no photos of me washing my hair cos I didnt it in the shower and you dont need my shower pics :P

The shampoo lathers up really well and smells great. It also washes out super easily.

For this first wash I decided not to use any other product on my hair (I'm normally a conditioner and heat resistant spray / frizz ease type of girl). I left my hair dry naturally and was impressed with how soft and smooth my hair was left looking and feeling.

I was surprised that it pretty much left my hair frizz free which is great - it  also left my hair smelling great too.

I'm looking forward to trying the shampoo more and also to hearing back from how my unbranded trial people get on :)

#Project 52 Weeks 4 & 5

Again 2 posts in one - just because I was away last weekend and I am behind on everything boo!

#Project 52 Week 4

As I was in Benidorm and having a great time the photo this week has to reflect that :)

I actually wanted to post 2 photos :)

1st is my Benidorm selfie hehe

2nd is probably my fave pic I took on my weekend away - the beach front at La Cala with the Benidorm rock in the distance and a random sunbather chilling under a palm tree :)

#Project 52 Week 5

I got my new tattoo on Thursday and this has to be my photo of the week - I adore it - it took around 2 hours to do and is a mash up of a fab tree I found on deviant art with the Cheshire cat and some card suits :)


I went to Benidorm for a long weekend for my dad's 60th Birthday last weekend.

It was a pretty good trip - I flew with RyanAir from Bristol to Alicante - flew out at 11.30am on Friday and then flew home at 930am on the Monday. The flight both ways were pretty full - the flight was cheap under £60 return and I went hand luggage only - and I didnt bother booking my seat - I lucked out on the seats I got row 10 on the way out and row 3 on the way home so I was one of first off each time plus had room for my hand luggage - some people had to put their's in the hold!

The weather was pretty good warm enough for jeans and a tee and I had a  room in the Hotel Magic Cristal Park in Benidorm on the 7th floor with great views over te hotels with the mountains to the one side and the sea to the other. The hotel was pretty nice but full of old people haha - my room was good but it was miles from anywhere and although they had working lifts I needed to walk to my room from the 6th floor up a flight of stairs which wasnt too bad but did take a while.

The food was amazing and I was all inclusive - so much variety like 2/3 different main dishes, plus 2 soups, plus tapas, veggies side dishes etc every meal and fresh fruit, yoghurts, cakes, icecream, cheeses, meats, rolls, fish, salads and so on and so on. Also included drinks every meal you had variety of juices, plus a soda fountain, bottled water, cava, beer, red wine, white wine and so on. Brekkie was cooked breakfast, cereals, fruit, yoghurts, danishes/pastries, meats, cheeses etc

In the evening there was entertainment and always a quiz and then music and dancing - I won the quiz twice so won 2 bottles of  fizz :D

I was only there for a short time so my dad took me to La Cala - we had a wander around the beach and into the market - was a lovely day plenty to see and do - the market had some beautiful fruits and veggies and was lovely - I think if we went again I'd go half board or b&b and go shopping for fresh food at the market

My dad was 60 on the Saturday so in the evening they decorated tables in the lounge for him and some of his friends brought him a lovely fresh cream cake :) the entertainer announced his birthday and everyone sang happy birthday to him - he had a tonne of cards from his friends (they all go out every year)ad he even had a bottle of whisky from some of the staff.

 On the Sunday we walked down to the harbour and had a wander along the beach and into the shops - it was a nice chill out day because my ad was pretty much hung over haha from the night before.

I had to get picked up super early on the Monday for my 9.30 flight home - the flight was again fab - I had booked the 1230 coach back to Cardiff as they only run very 2 hours from Bristol - I had an hours wait in the airport but it had free wifi so I had a hot chocolate and sat inside and caught up on the news and things before getting home.

Definitely considering going back to Benidorm - I was expecting to hate it but I actually had a really good time - the hotel was in Old Benidorm and quiet and the shops and markets were fun - I would have likd to have gone to Altaya and maybe had a wander around Alicante too - maybe next year!

#PostPost Weeks 4 & 5

I've had to amalgamate both weeks as I was away for a long weekend last weekend away from the Friday - Monday and then straight back to work and out and about :)

So this is what came in the post :)

1. A Olay bundle I won from SuperSavvy - could choose 1 of 3 different bundles and I chse this one for my mum

2. A win from Sewing mag - some charts and material for cross stitch

3. Win - not strictly post but included anyways because I won 2 bottles of this fizz in Benidorm by winning 2 quizzes :D

4. Product trial from SuperSavvyCircle - Head and Shoulders campaign

5.£10 Tesco gift card to buy whole wheat products as we are taking part in the Whole grain challenge

6. Emoji clip dispenser which I won from twitter - love it have taken it to use in work its brill

7. Again not strictly post as I had to collect them from the box office haha - 2 free tickets to see La Cage Aux Folles at Cardiff's New Theatre - bloody amazing show - seriously John Partridge as Albane was amazing

8. Some different decorative tapes to review from vipon

9. A super snuggly blanket to review from vipon

10. A win - not sue where from but it's a tee and movie poster for the film - Let's Be Evil

Thursday, 26 January 2017

#Veganuary #DryJanuary are OVER

So as some people know I have been doing the Dry January (no alcohol!) and #Veganuary (my own modified version I couldnt go from eating no fruit and veg to vegan like that so I did veggie January and allowed myself tuna and diary instead)

However today was my last day of the challenge - yes I am finishing early - because tomorrow I fly to Benidorm to celebrate my dad's 60th Birthday and I have no idea what the food is like but I am all inclusive  so will be enjoying it!

However I have learnt a lot from doing these 2 challenges:

1. I have a lot more energy and am sleeping better

2. I havent lost weight - dammit! But  my digestive system seems a lot healthier (dont worry I'm not about to describe my poo to you!)

3. I actually like vegetarian food - okay I am still not sold on vegetables in general but I actually like quorn burgers, linda mcartney veggie sausages, sausage rolls, pulled pork burgers and so on. I also really like vegetarian chili, pasta and curry. I've eaten  lot of things I wouldnt ordinarily eat and cooked more - today I ate quinoa - seriously me eating quinoa is like Trump hugging a Mexican! 

4. I've saved money - because I have been making my lunches for work I have saved a fair amount of money despite the initial outlay on the food shopping I still saved!

5. My blood glucose control has been better, I have been drinking a lot less fizzy drinks and a lot more water.

6. I've been in a better mood - this might be because I have slept more and have more energy but overall feel good levels are high!

So I m not going to continue with the challenges - but I am going to try and keep 4-5 meat free days a week - and keep the processed foods down.

With regards to drinking I am not a big drinker anyways so dry January wasn't a massive challenge for me.